Contemporary Music Projects / Collaborations

At the moment, Thomas is working on a programme influenced by the art and design of ‘The Glasgow Boys’ and ‘Glasgow Girls’ for a brand new ensemble including electric guitar, tuned percussion (Kenny Carlyle), bass clarinet (Jack McNeill) and drum kit (Sam Jesson). Updates will be announced on the following Twitter feed.

Fellow Guildhall alumnus Helgi Ingvarsson is writing some incredible music and Thomas has been involved with a few projects of his. The most recent being ‘Memetics of a Fairytale’ in which Thomas plays electric guitar with Lara Eidi on vocals and Ed Rice on piano. Libretto written by Rebecca Hurst.

In 2014, Thomas formed the Abela Rafiee duo with Oud and guitarist Ali Rafiee.

A tour of sorts is currently in the making.